Motorbike Tour

Valles de Calchaquies


3 days / 4 nights


5 - 8 riders


640 kilometres


40% gravel roads

Choose the best Motorcycle

Tour the Calchaquíes Valleys on a motorcycle for 4 days


Yamaha 250

  • Sure third grade
  • 300 km diaries
  • Padlock of security
  • Sketch of the map
  • Luggage and bags
  • Bag of deposit


165 US$

Single room surcharge

690 US$

Pillion / Passenger



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Motorcycle tours Valles Calchaquies

A wonderful world surrounded by huge cacti, horses and gauchos, lunar landscapes and beautiful colonial towns full of stories. This is the land of the best Malbec in the world.

What's included

  • Flights
  • Lunch
  • Drinks
  • Entry fees
  • Fully comprehensive insurance
  • Additional transport (taxi, bus, train)
  • Tips
  • Travel/health insurances
  • Accident insurances


Valles Calchaquies: Summary

Valles Calchaquies: Climate

During this trip of 4 days and 3 nights, and about 510 km of paved road and 130 km off road – we will tour around the Calchaquies Valleys, where huge estancias owned by traditional families have created one of the best wine-making regions in the country.

Passing through la Quebrada de las Conchas we will reach Cafayate where we’ll taste the famous Malbec wine. The next day we will continue along the mythical route 40 and learn about the making of Ponchos, used by the General Guemes and his army, the famous Argentine Gauchos.

The last day of our trip we will cross the National Park Los Cardones where we will admire endless views of different sizes of Pasacana Cactus, some of which are 500 years old. Then we’ll bike to la Piedra del Molino, a beautiful view point at 10984 ft over sea level. From there we will descend by la Cuesta del Obispo for a typical homemade lunch of empanadas or guiso at El Carril. Finally we’ll arrive in Salta where we’ll have our goodbye celebration dinner 

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