Dream of an adventure

To one of the most inhospitable places on the planet in a BMW GS, by land and on asphalt. You just accelerate and in each curve you discover something new.

Exclusive hotels

Imagine relaxing every night in exclusive hotels, renowned for their excellence and comfort.

Restaurant Gourmet

We take you to culturally delicious restaurants and all dinners are included. Experience local flavors at every point of the tour.

Southern Patagonia

This Motorcycle Tour through Patagonia is suitable for any motorcyclist with off-road experience who can endure long days on a motorcycle and not fear the weather.

  • DURATION 15 days / 14 nights
  • PARTICIPANTS 4-10 riders
  • DISTANCES on. 3600km

Machu Picchu

This motorcycle tour is suitable for any experienced motorcyclist with basic off-road experience. People with lung, heart or circulatory problems should consult their doctor to learn about the risks of altitude.

  • DURATION 20 days / 19 nights
  • PARTICIPANTS 4-10 riders
  • DISTANCES on. 5000km

Valles Calchaquies

This tour takes us through the most impressive areas of northwestern Argentina, the beautiful landscapes of the Calchaquíes Valleys of Salta and Catamarca.

  • DURATION 3 days / 4 nights
  • PARTICIPANTS 5 - 8 riders
  • DISTANCES 640 kilometres

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We guide you to the most remote cultures of the Andes through landscapes at the end of the world.
Imagine relaxing every night in exclusive hotels, renowned for their excellence and comfort.
Feel the breeze from the Pacific ocean and the sun of the Atacama desert, the humidity of the jungle, the freshness of the lakes and the mountains.
Delight yourself with Peruvian gastronomy discovering its ruins. Experience the impeccable skies of the Bolivian salt flats and the towering Chilean volcanoes.
Be amazed by the desert geoglyphs and the oldest traditions in the Andes. Vibrate with the Andean condors and enjoy an exquisite Argentine barbecue of the highest level.
Let yourself gothe experience is starting now!

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