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Juan Martín Lahore

I was born in Olavarría, an agricultural town in the Province of Buenos Aires.
I grew up there, and from a young age, I developed a special attraction for the gaucho tradition and its relationship with nature.
At the age of eighteen, I discovered my interest in different cultures and began to travel through South America to delve into them.

Tour Líder.

I later opened Carcharias in South Africa, a white shark dive operating company that I ran for thirteen years. Today, based in the city of Bariloche, I am a Tour Guide for the Nahuel Huapi National Park and tour leader of motorcycle trips through Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and Peru.

I speak French, English, Portuguese and Spanish. I never stop being interested in the Andean culture, especially Argentina and Patagonia.

Route 40 is synonymous of adventure of beauty of culture of tranquility

In these two parts of no more than 1" 30", we discover the cultural importance of Route 40 in Argentina and Juan Lahore tells us personal experiences traveling the mythical Route 40 on a motorcycle.

Thanks to for choosing to participate in the production of the documentary: Ruta 40, the mythical Argentine route.

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