Machu Pichu

The adventure of this motorcycle tour begins in Machu Pichu

This high altitude and adventurous motorbike trip, at an average of 3500 meters above sea level, takes us slowly towards the Inca Empire and Machu Pichu.

It is a cultural experience with the most incredible Andean landscapes.

We start with the tempting curves of the North of Argentina, the Poncho and the cactus. This is the land of good wine and at the end of the day we relax with a good Malbec and the famous northern stews.

We continue with the clay people, the Pisco, the stars of the Atacama desert and the valley of La Luna where one feels extremely small. As it rarely rains here, observing the night sky is a real privilege.

We continue with the land of copper, advancing along perfectly paved routes and mysterious Geoglyphs, volcanoes, basalt and the Chilean Pacific coast full of seabirds that lead us to taste the best seafood and meet charismatic fishing families.

Then we arrive at the Inca Empire and Machu Pichu, we see the flight of the condor and the textiles of Alpaca and Vicuña tasting the delicious Peruvian cuisine. We know the Uros, the people of the reeds on the floating islands of the highest navigable lake in the world, Titicaca.

We cross the Bolivian jungle mountains driving along the famous death road and passing heights of up to 4000 meters until we reach La Paz (the highest capital in the world)

We discovered the Uyuni salt flats, the largest in the world. Driving in an infinite white ocean you have to experience it to understand it, there are no words to describe it.

Well deserved relaxation time comes with a magical night in a hotel that offers us elegance and excellent cuisine. Made entirely of salt, it is worth a thousand and one nights.

We said goodbye to the group in Salta “La Linda” with a well-deserved Argentine barbecue, empanadas and good wine, courtesy of the house. 

Passing through la Quebrada de las Conchas we will reach Cafayate where we’ll taste the famous Malbec wine. The next day we will continue along the mythical route 40 and learn about the making of Ponchos, used by the General Guemes and his army, the famous Argentine Gauchos.

The last day of our trip we will cross the National Park Los Cardones where we will admire endless views of different sizes of Pasacana Cactus, some of which are 500 years old. Then we’ll bike to la Piedra del Molino, a beautiful view point at 10984 ft over sea level. From there we will descend by la Cuesta del Obispo for a typical homemade lunch of empanadas or guiso at El Carril. Finally we’ll arrive in Salta where we’ll have our goodbye celebration dinner .

Climate & season:

The Atacama desert is the driest region in the world. The climate of the Bolivian and Peruvian Altiplano is know for having a prolonged dry season but also periods of rain.

We try hard and plan our motorcylce tours during the dry period but rain is always possible. The dry season in this región is in northern winter, and so low temperatures can be expected, especially at night

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